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Are you a traveler & Casino Enthusiasts?

The recently re-branded BEST WESTERN Palace Hotel & Casino reveals exciting new prospects for all Casino users and enthusiasts.

The Palace Casino at the BEST WESTERN Palace Hotel & Casino has now unveiled an exciting new membership package to provide members with exclusive invitations to events and elite offers within the Casino, as well as special offers on hotel accommodation, restaurants and other services offered by the Sefton Group.

Everyone who signs up to become a V Member will receive a membership pack providing them with five exclusive introductory offers including free stakes, free cash match and discounts on meals within the Palace Casino.

Palace Casino Manager Paul Castellucci explained: ‘It’s free to become a V Member, and we’re confident that many of our regular customers will take the chance to sign up. It’s easy to join V Membership – on your next visit to the Palace Casino just fill in our application form at the Casino reception.’

The Casino has been part of the Palace Hotel & Casino complex for more than forty years and the new membership package is just one of several new developments to have occurred in the last few months.

Recent changes in legislation now mean that anyone aged over 18 can enjoy the facilities more easily thanks to free and instant membership.

Paul said: ‘The main advantage from the regulation change is that the Casino is now more open to people who might be coming into the hotel for another reason, such as a meal in Paragon Restaurant, a special event or to attend a tribute night. And, of course, anyone else who may just want to pop into the Casino as part of their night out.

‘It’s not necessarily about high-value gamblers; it’s about providing an entertaining and varied night out all within the one complex. We don’t place any requirement on customers to play – sometimes people just want to relax and enjoy the unique atmosphere and perhaps have a drink or snack at the bar.’