Australian immigration

Do you want Australian Immigration?

Let’s start with a few basic facts about Australian Emigration

Australia is an extremely popular immigration destination. Thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of people in fact, have a desire to start a new life in Australia and make inquiries about the possibility of immigrating. Unfortunately there is not place for everyone.

Whilst Australia seeks a large number of immigrants, it wants to attract the right type of immigrants for its social and economic growth. As such, there are a number of immigration programs, with differing criteria, under which applications will be considered. The immigration options are not just at a national level but also at a regional level, allowing regions to have input into their localised needs.

Such immigration programs include:

  • Skilled Migration
  • Employer Sponsored
  • Relatives
  • Partners
  • Business and Investment

How to approach Immigrating to Australia

  • Who you should seek help from

Australian immigration is highly regulated, which is great for you, the potential migrant. It dictates who can give you advice, their responsibilities and services. In other words it provides you with all the tools to ensure you get the correct advice from licensed professionals, so that you can avoid those who may take your money under false presences and give you poor advice.

If you are dealing with an Australian based immigration advisor, they either need to be licensed or exempt. No-one else is permitted to provide you with immigration advice or services. To make it easy for to check an agent’s credentials, the regulator (Migration Agents Registration Authority) have a facility on their website which allows you to search and ensure the advisor is licensed. If the agent does not appear on this site, do not use them.

To recap, first step is to visit the Migration Agents Registration Authority and make sure your advisor is licensed.

If, like many people, you prefer the convenience of dealing with an advisor who is based nearer to home, the same advice applies – use a licensed immigration agent.

Companies outside of Australia claiming they do not need to be licensed, are correct – they do not need to be. However, you must ask yourself why they are not and if you are prepared to risk using the services of an unlicensed immigration company or individual. Even those abroad with an identification number are not necessarily licensed with MARA. MARA may issue ‘offshore agents’ with an identification number for administrative purposes only. This number does not mean that the agent is registered and it does not represent endorsement of the agent by the Australian Government.

We repeat that advice should only be taken from those appearing on the official MARA website.

Where should your planned immigration start?

You should start the process by finding out whether immigrating to Australia is even an option for you, long before getting your hopes up and parting with your hard-earned money.

This means an assessment.

The assessment should be comprehensive in nature and presented to you in a formal written format, advising you whether you qualify and what your visa options are.

Most licensed advisors will charge for an assessment, as do we. Intergate charges R1500 plus VAT. All advisors charge due to the amount of work that goes into a thorough assessment.