Full Instructions for Spouse Visa UK

Full list of documents and instructions for completing the financial form

What if I say that getting a wife’s visa to the UK is not so difficult? 

What if you have a ready list of documents and you just need to collect everything you need?

What if the financial requirements are clearly explained and you know exactly which documents to submit?

  • I remember the day when I sat down with a pen and notebook in front of the official website of the UK government, spent two hours trying to figure out what type of visa I needed and how to apply for it.
  • Panic from an incomprehensible list of documents and requirements for them.
  • “I read all the rules!” – I firmly decided, and was stunned by the amount of official documentation written in complex language.
  • “I will find everything on the forum!” – the second thought that flashed through me. I opened the Internet and spent 4 hours trying to get only the information I needed.

Familiar? Then you are in the right place!

I, as a real perfectionist, spent a lot of time searching and reading all the necessary information, the experience of others and all sorts of reviews. It seemed to me that the application for a visa is something of a series of fiction, I will provide the wrong documents and simply spend the money on the visa fee in the empty.

As a result, I had the patience to sort out all official documents, read them from cover to cover, understand these complex and intricate formulations. I divided the documents into groups, which greatly simplified their collection and indicated what I collect and what is required from my spouse.

We decided to contact a visa lawyer, and within half an hour of consultation and  £ 100, he simply confirmed the correctness of the collected documents. Lawyers and agencies are based on information specified on the official website. On what I figured out on my own and collected all the documents myself.

All that is needed is a full understanding of what is written in official sources and the cherished visa in your pocket. 

I offer you a complete list of documents for filing a visa for my wife, a concise translation in clear language of a 67-page official document with explanations and comments on filling out a financial questionnaire.

You will just need to collect everything on the list, familiarize yourself with the acceptable sources of income for sponsorship and choose the option that is right for you! I also offer a list of all necessary documents for each financial case and information on how to combine different sources of income and how savings are considered.

Visa wife in the UK – it is not difficult, and I have already helped several girls with the filing of documents

What you get:

  • A complete list of documents, divided into groups for convenience
  • Translation of general minimum income requirements
  • In which case you do not need to prove the minimum income
  • Housing Requirements
  • What to do if there are no official bank statements
  • What are the sources of income and official income categories
  • Which category to choose and what documents to provide

You will just need to understand which official category you belong to and collect the specified package of documents.