UK citizenship

How to apply for UK/British Citizenship?

The path to British citizenship

Of the various ways of obtaining permanent residency and citizenship, I will describe only the path of the spouse of a citizen of the UK or the EEA (if you have any other case, you are here ). To begin, I recommend to get acquainted with the types of visas and which one you should apply for.

So, first you get a spouse visa, then after 5 years you can apply for permanent residence, and after that – for British citizenship.

With permanent residence (or ILR – Indefinite Leave to Remain) you can be in the country indefinitely. However, you can lose this residence permit if you have not been in the country for more than two years.

How and when can I get a permanent residence?

  1. 2 years after entering the country, if you applied for a matrimonial visa beforeJuly 9, 2018 – the SET form (M)
  2. 5 or 10 years after entering the country, if you applied for a spousal visa afterJuly 9, 2018

I think those who applied for a visa in the first case have already received permanent residence

If you, like me, filed after July 9, 2012, then we can apply for permanent residence not earlier than 2017. An accurate and updated list of requirements and documents will be published closer to this date. This is what they say in official documents).

British citizenship.

Official requirements for the applicant:

  1. Are you over 18
  2. You do not have a serious criminal past.
  3. You are going to live in the UK
  4. You speak English at level B1 and have passed the Life in the UK
  5. Do you have a permanent residence?
  6. You have lived in the country for at least 5 years before the application date
  7. Absent in the country no more than 180 days in the 5 years
  8. Absent in the country no more than 90 days in the last year