How to prove relationship for UK Spouse visa?

How would not like this item in the process of obtaining a visa to his wife, it can not be avoided. Very little fun to prove the authenticity of your relationship. I am often asked if this or that document is sufficient evidence. Despite the fact that each case is unique, I still have one universal advice. Try to stand in the place of the visa officer who does not know you and who cares about you and assess the documents you provide. Does it look reliable or can it look like a fake marriage?

However, you should not panic. I want to share ideas on what can be attached to a visa application.

  1. Air tickets and bookings with joint travel

This is the easiest way if you do not delete mail. It is best when traveling broken evenly for the entire period of your relationship before marriage. I printed a confirmation of the purchase of tickets directly from the mail (in gmail there is an option to print a letter). If possible, pick up tickets and housing reservations so that your names are listed. If this is not possible, you can get by electronic boarding tickets. All this will do.

In my cover letter I indicated all our trips and I enclosed almost all the remaining tickets and hotel reservations. It turned out quite a lot of printouts, but do not find fault.

  1. Joint photos

We traveled a lot and I picked up photos for several years from different countries. I picked them up so that it was clear that these are different places – for example, opposite the pyramids, the Collisea in Rome and from Asia. Of course it is necessary to attach a photo from the wedding. In principle, 5-6 photos will be more than enough. And they then return them.

  1. Rental agreement or account

If you lived together, you may have joint accounts or a lease agreement for both. Maybe you already have a joint bank account (joint account) – carry everything.

  1. Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Emails

This is probably the most unpleasant item. I made a print screen of messages on Facebook with dates, trying to cover as long as possible. For example, a couple of messages from March, then a couple from June, etc. In our case, we didn’t use Facebook very much, plus minus censorship, we got about 12 printscreens, which I copied into one Vord document.

I did the same with skype and emails. I think the main thing here is to show that you communicated and did it constantly (the main thing is to show the regularity of communication) . Some girls printed the history of phone calls – that would work too.

I was guided by two principles: the dates should be specified, evenly covering the period of our relationship and so that it is clear with whom the correspondence is going.

These are the main ways to prove your relationship and what I attached to my statement. Share in the comments your ideas on what else you can attach. Let’s help each other