UK visa requirements

How to submit your UK visa application?

Here, we assume that you are from Russia and you need UK spouse visa. Since the procedure is standard, so anyone around the world can follow this brief guide.

So, when all the papers are collected, photocopies are removed and laid out in order, the last step remains – to submit documents to the visa application center.

The application form is filled in online at  Visa4UK , where you pay fees.

How to choose a type of visa

Reason for Visit – Settlement

Visa type – Settlement

Visa Sub Type – Wife / Husband

Then immediately pops up a window with the information that you need to fill out the Appendix 2 of VAF4A. This form is filled offline, just print it out and fill it out by hand.

When everything has been filled out and paid for, you will be able to book the date for submitting documents to the TLScontact visa center closest to you . When registering on the website of the visa center you will be asked for a GWF number. You will receive it as soon as you fill in the form on Visa4UK.

Do not forget to print the confirmation of acceptance for submission of documents.

By the way, the visa center offers detailed instructions on how to apply for a visa on their official website .

TLScontact addresses in Russia:

  1. Moscow – Delta Plaza, 2nd Syromyatnichesky lane., 1, Mon-Fri 9-16
  2. Petersburg- Liteiny Pr. 26, Mon-Fri 9-16
  3. Novosibirsk- Sibirskaya Street 57, Mon-Fri 9-16
  4. Ekaterinburg- st. Bolshakova 70, 6th floor, office 601, Mon-Fri 9-17
  5. Rostov-on-Don- st. Suvorov 91, Mon-Fri 9-16

Addresses of visa centers in other countries – on the UK Visa Application Center website .