UK visa types

Know the Types of UK Visas before Applying

Types of visas and which one to apply for

So, you are married, you are going to move to the UK and the official site enters you in horror with its wording. There really is not particularly easy and clearly written, but there is all the necessary information and answers to all questions. I myself was in this situation and I remember this feeling “O God, where to look and what to do!? Which visa and how to apply? What documents are needed ?!”.

So, everything is quite simple.

Option 1 . Your spouse does not have British citizenship, but a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. Your visa type is  EEA family permit . It must be served outside the UK and it is issued free of charge for 6 months. Upon arrival you will need to apply for a  UK residence card  (£ 65 – March 2016). This resident card is valid for 5 years, after which you can apply for permanent residence. If you are already in the country on a non-short-term or tourist visa, you can apply for this resident card immediately and without leaving.

Option 2 . Your spouse is a UK citizen. In this case, the visa is called Family of a settled person . There are also two cases:

    2.1. If you are already in the country, then your submission is called Remain in the UK with family . The visa is issued for 2 years and 6 months (30 months), after which you will need to extend it for the same period. You cannot apply for this type of visa if you are in the country on a short-term or tourist visa.

Cost: £ 649 if filed by mail and £ 1,049 if served in person.

Serving from the UK you do not need to provide a certificate of the absence of tuberculosis.

   2.2. If you are not in the UK, then your path is called Join family living permanently in the UK . The visa is issued for 2 years and 9 months (33 months), after which you will need to extend it by 2.5 years (30 months). This is just my case, what I am telling about on this site. The name of this visa is VAF4A.

Cost: £ 1,195. Check out the actual prices here.

In both cases (2.1 and 2.2) you are obligated to pay separately for health care (NHS) – £ 200 / year. That is, for a 2.5 year visa it is necessary to pay £ 500, and for a 2 year 9 month visa it is already £ 600 (as for full 3 years). Use the online calculator to calculate how much you need to pay in your particular case.

When to pay this fee

If you are applying online or through a premium service, you pay either while filling out a questionnaire or when booking documents (appointment).

If you submit by mail, you must pay the fee before sending your documents. You will need to specify the payment details in the form itself.

As they say on the site, if you do not pay, then the visa officer will contact you.

Your wife’s visa application will not be considered if you do not pay the full amount:

– within 10 business days if you are in the UK

– within 7 business days if you are not in the UK.

That’s all. On how and when you can get permanent residency and citizenship, read the post Path to citizenship in the UK.