Korea Visa

Korean Visa F-3: The Sojourn Guide



  • You are eligible to apply for D-1 Cultural Arts to E-7 Special Occupation visas but you do not have a spouse nor do you have an child under Korean age 19. (However, eligible applicants for D-3 Industrial Training visas are excluded from this.)


  • Period designated by applicant him/herself


1. Employment on an investor who has made a large amount of investment and his/her spouse of professional occupation
A. Eligible Applicants

  • You are a spouse of someone who is a qualified Advanced Science Technology worker (SCIENCE card), Advanced Technology worker (GOLD card), and an Information Technology worker (IT card)
  • You are a spouse of a foreign investor who has invested (including a corporation) at least US$500,000 in Korea.
  • You are a spouse of a professional foreign worker {E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, E-6 (Not including E-6-2), E-7 visa holders}.

B. Permitted Fields of Activities

  • You are allowed to engage in any activities except simple labour except D-3, E-9 visa holders

C. Permission Period: until the period of stay of your spouse expires (it is possible to extend continuously)

D. Required Documentation: Complementary Documents in accordance with Article 76 of the Enforcement Decree (skip personal reference recommendation letter)

If you want to get a job as a E-7 Special Occupation visa holder, Guidelines on E-7 Confirmation of Visa Issuance will be applied.

2. Expanding eligibility for the allowed activities outside of visa status

  • When you want to get an education at a regular education institution (ex. elementary school, middle school, high school and university), you do not need a separate permission as long as it does not infringe your original purpose of your stay. (the policy was implemented since June 15th, 2009)

3. F-1 Family Visitor or F-3 Dependent Family visa holders working as a foreign language editor (E-7) at a state-owned/public organization (a local government or a government-invested organization)

(1) Visa Application Form (enclosed form #34), Passport and Alien Registration Card, Fee
(2) Employment Contract (3) Photocopy of Business Registration (4) Recommendation Letter (the head of an immigration office by the respective region)
(5) Degree (original copy and photocopy)

4. A person on a F-1 Family Visitation, F-3 Dependent Family visa engaging in activities of an E-2 Foreign Language Instructor or E-7 Special Occupation visa

COMMON (1) Visa Application Form (enclosed form #34), Passport and Alien Registration Card, Fee
(2) Employment Contract
(3) Business Registration Card
E-2 (4) Degree (same as the E-2 requirements)
(5) Criminal Records (same as the E-2 requirements 52)
(6) Medical check-up report (same as the E-2 requirements)
E-7 (4) Original copy of teacher license of the respective department (if you do not have a ‘Degree and Career Certificate’)
(5) Criminal Records (same as the E-2 requirements)
(6) recruitment medical check report (same as the E-2 requirements)
(7) Request Form from the Principal
(8) Foreigner Teacher Present Condition



  • Required Documentation
    (1) Visa Application Form (enclosed form #34), Passport, One Standard Size Photograph, Fee
    (2) Birth Certificate or a Certified Copy of your Family Register (Japan, Taiwan and others)


1. You are allowed to change your status to F-3 Dependent Family even though you have entered the Republic of Korea on a B-1 visa exemption or B-2 Tourist/Transit visa due to inevitable reasons such as arranging household stuff

(1) Visa Application Form (enclosed form #34), Passport, One Standard Size Photograph, Fee
(2) Documents Proving Family Relations (Marriage or Birth Certificate and others)
(3) Alien Registration Cards of Parents or Spouse

2. Spouses of foreign professionals are able to change their status to professionals as well.
(Visa&Residence Division-1753, ‘08.06.27.)

A. Eligible Applicants for Permission

  • Spouses of Foreign Professionals (E-1 or E-5, E-6(except E-6-2), E-7 candidates) who have F-3 Dependents visas

B. Permitted Areas

  • Professionals «from E-1 or E-5, E-6 candidates (except E-6-2), E-7» are able to change their visa status

C. Required Documentation
(1) Visa Application Form (enclosed form #34), passport and alien registration card, one standard size photograph, fee (2) employment contract (3) Business Registration (4) Degree  (5) License and career certificate (6) employment recommendation letter from the related ministry or documents proving the employment needs (7) Personal Reference Letter


Visa Application Form (enclosed form #34), Passport and Alien Registration Card, Fee
Acceptable documents for proof of residency (i.e. Lease contract, confirmation of provided residence, a mail giving the notice of the expiry date of your period of sojourn, a utility bill payment for any public services, receipt of university housing fee and others.)
Alien registration cards of parents or spouses


1. Re-entry permission exemption scheme was enacted (by the revised enforcement decree on December 1st, 2010)
– If you have completed your alien registration, and you want to re-enter the Republic of Korea within a year from your initial departure, a re-entry permission will be exempted.
– If your period of stay is less than a year to be expired, then you are exempted from re-entry permission within the period of stay that is left.
– If you are an international student who needs to get a re-entry permission due to entry regulation, you must go to an immigration office in your area to get it , but the
application fee will be exempted.


  • Visa application form (enclosed form #34), passport, one standard size photograph, fee