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If I pass the IELTS test now, and then change my last name, will it be valid? And what a passable ball?

There will be, then you indicate your previous names in the visa application form. On the visa of his wife required level A1.

I correctly understood that the certificate of marriage in English with an apostille + a copy. This means in 2 copies or a copy of the original document (in Russian). Then another question, this copy must be notarized? Thank!

A certified translation is stitched to the original marriage certificate and a copy is simply made from this document. All original documents must be duplicated by simple copies (this is for you to return the originals later).

I’ve been in UK for two years now and my spouse visa ends soon. What’s next? What is a visa? Prolong? Or change to something else?

Yes, at the end of the term of validity of the current visa it is necessary to file for its extension. Read more – Types of visas and which one to apply for.

I have such a situation – we have known each other for a little over a year, got married, now I want to apply for a visa for my wife. We are already 50 years old, a weighted decision. But everywhere it is said that they should be familiar for at least 2 years. Do you have any information about such cases?

On the official website there are no requirements for the duration of the relationship, you just have to write a good cover letter.

And birth certificates are required? Because I heard that only passports are sufficient, thanks

No, not necessarily.

Katya, do these evidences and the history of relationships be made up by the inviting person or by the person applying for a visa? thank!

From the applicant for a visa.

Katya. Hello, tell me how you filed the documents. or rather, gave them in what order, so that the officer would be easier to find and understand all the pieces of paper?

I do not think that order matters, but I filed in this order: a questionnaire and a cover letter, my personal data, marriage certificate, personal data of my husband, housing and finances. Original + copy.

Tell me, I understood correctly if I have an additional education, a translator (I can confirm with a diploma of additional leveling) obtained in the Russian Federation, then I do not need to pass the language test and this will be enough?

If this course was read in English, then it should be ok. Read more – Test of knowledge of the English language.

Please tell me what type of visa to choose in my case, I do not understand? 
I am a citizen of Russia, my husband is a Lithuanian (an EU citizen) working (6 years old) and is renting housing in London. Relationships are already 2.4 g, (we went to each other every month and spent our holidays together) got married a month ago and now we want to live together, and the most optimal thing is to go to London. Well, what visa to apply for? Please tell me!

EEA family permit. Read more – Types of visas and which one to apply for.

When you apply for your wife’s visa, do you really need to pass an English proficiency test and that if you do not pass it, you will not be given a visa?

Yes, this is a mandatory requirement. Here in more detail – English proficiency test.

Have to take IELTS, but what? It’s there academic and general, I do not understand what I need (

General fit.

In what form is the certificate of savings in the bank / account statement? Do I need an original bank seal or enough form from the Internet from my personal account? Just when applying for any tourist visa in Russia put the original seal of the bank. And here it turns out that the bill in England, and her husband in Moscow.

Original. Or if the originals do not exist in principle, then the electronic version will go + the original certificate from the bank that the printouts are correct or the bank print on each print page.

I do not even guess what the cover letter should look like. You could tell and where we can see an example of writing. thank

Yes, here it is about this – Covering letter for his wife’s visa. Under the post you can download the one that I filed.

Tell me, please, what is the difference in getting married in Cyprus and in what in England? What is the difference? thank

For marriage in England, you need a separate visa – Marriage Visitor Visa, Cyprus is much easier to get with Russian citizenship.

And how much should you have your savings and how much should the groom have on the account? If he is sponsoring, how should it be arranged? Just specify in the cover letter or he still needs to do something? His income is 30,000 a year. thank

It will be enough to show a minimum income of £ 18,600 per year if you are traveling without children. In the questionnaire there is a question who is a sponsor. And it will be necessary to attach all the relevant documents proving the existence of such a salary.

That is, you can sign in Cyprus and then just come to the consulate and say that we are already married and immediately apply for a visa for the wife?

No matter where to sign, on the wife’s visa, you must provide the original of a valid marriage certificate issued in any country. This will be the basis of your wife’s visa application.

Katya, tell me more, please, did you stamp the Russian passport before applying for a visa?

When I changed my surname in a Russian passport on the basis of marriage, I was stamped. Here in more detail – How to change the name in the passport .

I just have no time now to change my last name, I thought to do it later. I am interested in the question whether it is important for the embassy whether a marriage is registered in Russia or not. That is, do they require a Russian passport page with a stamp to obtain a visa, you do not know?

They do not care where the marriage is registered, the main thing is that the document is official and valid. The page with the stamp is not necessary to provide, suitable marriage certificate.

Katya, tell me, please, how is the last name change in passports? Is the surname in the Russian passport changed immediately after the wedding or just stamped? and what happens to a foreign passport? Thank you very much

Here in detail – How to change the name in the passport .

Tell me, please, did you apply for your visa in St. Petersburg or Moscow?


And what about the passport abroad? After I got married, I first have to change my passport to a new last name and then apply for a visa, or do I apply for a visa with a passport, where is my old name? 
Thank you very much!

If you are going to change your last name, you must first change your passport, and then apply for a visa.

Hello Katya! Read your blog. Extremely useful material. Thank you very much! Begin to design a package of documents. Married not full 2 ​​years. Moved back and forth once a month to each other. Well, sort of enough. already. I am about the “evidence” of the relationship. The question sounds ridiculous, I understand. But this point, from my point of view, is the most disgusting. Go print photos from any media now. then in the phone. Toon on the tablet. Maybe wedding photos are enough? Check for rings?

Agree, this is a nasty item! Here I wrote about the evidence of relations and what can be provided – How to prove a relationship for a visa .

Could you please tell me you documents about housing and finance submitted originals (which the husband sent by mail) or printed scans (which the husband sent by e-mail)?

Documents on housing may be copies, and finances must be originals. Or if the originals do not exist in principle, then the electronic version will go + the original certificate from the bank that the printouts are correct or the bank print on each print page.

Tell me, please, in what form did the correspondence serve as confirmation of the relationship? We have just 6 years behind our backs, there are correspondence with QIP (just as ICQ is popularly), but there is not quite a readable correspondence from the server in a readable form – from the bottom up and you need to open the last page and read it back in advance, if you understand what I … I’m sitting on a Word copy, so that it is readable. Do you think this evidence will be accepted or not? Or do I have to submit screenshots? We have so in the first 3 years of correspondence, further through the program correspondence with Skype was downloaded. I worry about accepting this option or not. Photos for 6 years are enough, but this will not be enough.

Here about the correspondence, screenshots and other evidence of relationships – How to prove a relationship for a visa.

Your husband, on arrival in the UK after the wedding somewhere provided your match. about marriage, so that in the UK they know that he is married or not? If so, which body?

No, this is not required.

Katia thank you very much for your article and help. Can you please tell me without putting English in any way? I know him very badly, I myself have studied it for a long time and have not exactly passed the test, and then how can I collect documents without a test? I don’t know?

No, it is necessary to take English. Here in more detail – English proficiency test.

Good afternoon Katya! I know the minimum language, but tell me where he will be asked? At the embassy or does the certificate just need to be attached for a visa confirming your minimum knowledge of English? I read that for my wife’s visa, you need to pass the test B1, 4 points passing. Well, what is this test B1 I did not understand, I watched and I cannot understand what is there to know, what is this level? And 4 points is like?

A1 is now required for a visa. You will not be asked anywhere; you really only need to provide a certificate. Here in more detail – English proficiency test .

Good afternoon, tell me, because after receiving the first visa of his wife (in 2015), it will be necessary to issue it again, right? For ILR you need 5 years of living in the UK, as I understand it. Do you have no repeat experience? Thank.

That’s right! I haven’t prolonged yet; my first visa is valid until December 2016. More about visas and ILR – Types of visas and which one to apply for and the Path to British citizenship.

Tell me, pliz .. in a test for tuberculosis, which is indicated in the visa category – Settlement or Wife? Or something different? Thank!

I indicated the name of the application for my wife’s visa – VAF4A.