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Spring Festival outbound tour: Korean, Russian, German and other visas are more convenient

Just after New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival travel bookings entered the peak. Recently, the tourist visa policies of many countries have been relaxed, which has brought convenience to the citizens.

The enthusiasm of Thailand and Cambodia, in addition to being able to avoid the cold, the simplification of tourist visas also directly affects the choice of the public. According to the Tuniu Tourism Network, the single visa agreement between Thailand and Cambodia came into effect on December 27, 2012. According to the agreement, citizens from 35 countries and regions including China obtained visas from any country in Thailand and Cambodia. Can stay in each of the two countries for 60 days.

In addition to Thailand, South Korea, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, etc. have recently introduced new tourist visa policies to seize the Chinese source market. According to the person in charge of the Tuniu Tourism Network, recently, South Korea has expanded the number of round-trip visas. Chinese tourists can get a one-year multiple-entry visa for South Korea once they have visited an OECD member country. In the future, more than three Chinese tourists will be able to apply for visas to travel to South Korea. China and Russia have signed a visa-free visa for team travel. Under the framework of this agreement, Chinese citizens can travel to Russia without a visa through group travel. The UK has also introduced a quick visa processing service. Except for 90% of non-residential approvals, which can be completed within 15 working days, the team travel visa can be signed within 5 working days through fast track. Before the German signing, I need to send the materials to the consulate. From October 15, 2012, I can submit them through the TLScontact service company’s Visa Application Center; if I hold the German visa applicant issued before October 11, 2012, In principle, you can avoid an interview when applying for a Schengen visa.

The industry has also reminded people of the common misunderstandings in the recent outbound travel visa processing. First, some tourists mistakenly believe that individuals can go to Thailand to do “landing sign”, and according to regulations, they must go to the group to apply for visas on arrival, which means that Chinese citizens who need to go abroad for travel to Thailand still need to apply for visas in advance; Secondly, the recent notice on the “Certificate of the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region Pass” and the endorsement fee, etc., mentioned the exemption fee and the endorsement fee, which are for the purpose of handling the visa to Hong Kong and Macao for the ordinary tourists. In other words, the fees associated with Hong Kong and Macau Passes still need to be paid for themselves.