U.S.: E-2 Business Plan for Immigration

E-2 The Business Plan: 
The Added Value to the Immigration Petition:
The E-2 (Investment Visa) and L-1 (Company Transfer Visa) are useful vehicles for individuals seeking to purchase or start a business in the United States. The application process varies with the visa, but in most every case the foreign national seeking a visa through the opening of a new business in the United States will want to submit a good business plan with his or her visa petition.

A good business plan will consist of the following elements:

  1. Information About the Enterprise

    • Company Objectives
    • Organizational Structure
    • Personnel and Staffing Projections
    • Operations
    • Future Growth and Development
  2. Information about the Market

    • Market Objectives and Target Market
    • Market segmentation
    • Market size
  3. Marketing Strategy

    • Image
    • Promotion
    • Education and Awareness
    • Publicity
    • Pricing
    • Sales
  4. Financial Projections 

    • Income/Expense Charts
    • Cash Flow Charts
    • Balance Sheets
  5. Financial Addenda

    • Assumptions over a 5-year period
  6. Ratios
  7. Financial Charts

    • Profit and Loss by year
    • Cash flow by year
  8. Executive Summary and Conclusions