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UK Work Permit Guide for Teachers

UK having demand for teachers , to fill vacancies in both primary and secondary schools. At Work Permit Expert we aim to give the necessary advice to any qualified teacher on their ability to work in the United Kingdom. There are a number of ways to be legally entitled to work in Britain. Firstly, before we look at the various options please be aware that any Visa or Work Permit must be applied for and accepted before leaving home. At Work Permit Expert we can provide more advice once we know more about your specific situation. After reading the following please use the online application form. We will then be in contact on how best to proceed.

If you qualify for a Visa you will be entitled to work in the UK with no restrictions (except working holiday visas – see below). If you do not qualify for any of the Visas below, don’t worry it is still possible to teach in the UK – please see the Work Permits section.

Citizens of the British Commonwealth

The Working Holiday Visa is by far the most popular route by which the majority of Commonwealth teachers are able to work in the UK. You are generally entitled to a two-year working holiday visa provided you have not yet reached your 28th birthday.

Under the terms of a Working Holiday Visa, work must be incidental to your visit to the UK and not further your career. In other words, your primary reason for visiting the UK must be to travel and any teaching or other work you do can only be for part your time in the UK and for the purpose of funding your travels. Supply teaching meets this requirement.

To qualify for for a Working Holiday Visa you must

Be a Commonwealth citizen aged between 17 and 27 inclusive.
Be in the UK as a holiday maker as your main interest. You should not have contractual obligations to work before entering the UK.
Any work you undertake must be purely incidental to your holiday and intended merely to support your travels
Be single without dependents. If you are married your application may still be accepted as long as you do not have children.
Be intending to stay in the UK for no more than two years (including time you spend traveling outside the UK).
Have sufficient funds for your fare home and to support your initial stay.
Be confident that in any other visit to the UK you haven’t infringed any laws.

European Union passport holder
Anyone with a European Union passport is automatically entitled to work in the UK. Your European Union passport is all you require to prove this.

Dual Nationality
Anyone with dual nationality in Britain, or another European Union country, is automatically entitled to work in the UK. A dual second passport is all you require to prove this.

Patriality: (British Parent or Grandparent)
Commonwealth Citizens with a British parent or grandparent are entitled to claim partiality and therefore have the right to work in the UK for up to four years.

Applying for a Partiality Visa you will need the original (or official copy) of your birth certificate, your parent and grandparent’s birth certificate and their marriage certificates. Your passport will get a partiality stamp, which entitles you to work in the UK for four years.

Note: If you have a parent or grandparent who was born in one of the other European Union countries, you may be able to claim partiality through this route.

British / European Spouses
If you are married to a British national you will be entitled to work in the UK. Likewise, if you are accompanying a spouse who has dual nationality or partiality you will also be entitled to work in the UK. In most cases the same applies if your spouse is a national of a European Union country or has Dual Nationality or Partiality in other European Community Countries. Please double check this with Work Permit Expert first as the rules change frequently.

Work Permits
If you are unable to work in the UK through any of the routes outlined above, you will need a work permit to take up employment legally. Work permits relate to specific jobs and to apply for a work permit you will need to have been offered a teaching post lasting at least 12 months.

Work Permit Expert will assist you in finding permanent work, distributing your resume to employers (schools) but is not legally entitled to apply for work permits. Once a school has accepted you for a position they will complete the necessary forms. Work Permit Expert will keep you informed of the progress and the date a decision will be made.